Thinking that I was past the age to play a superhero, last year I worked on an episode of The Gifted which aired in January. It wasn’t until I was booked and received the whole script that I realised the role had super powers and when I got on set, I had so much fun. The scene was a dream sequence set in Germany in the 1980s in the middle of a battle against the authorities who are trying to erase anyone with mutant abilities. I love the way it turned out and if you want to take a look, it’s in Episode 11 of the second season of the show.

Also, released in January was Season 2 of Boss Cheer, on You Tube. I recur in Episodes 1 & 5 as, Janet, the overbearing mother of cheerleader, Charlotte. Another fun role to play.  Fully-fledged acting required as my Mum is lovely and is nothing like Janet!

I’ve had several big TV auditions this month and callbacks and am waiting to hear on a feature film starring Aaron Eckhart and a couple of commercials that have brought me back in.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to see all the Oscar Best Picture nominated films and documentaries. Sadly, Debra Granik has been disgracefully overlooked in the director and best picture categories for her film, Leave No Trace.  And what with there being no host and ABC trying to cut the running time, the awards ceremony could turn into a huge mess this year.  We shall see.