June and July were spent back in the UK. The Writers’ Guild of America continued their strike from May into June and July so work was limited in Los Angeles and I headed back to London to audition for projects in the UK and Europe.

On 14 July, the US actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA, joined the writers with their own strike and both strikes are still ongoing.

I’ve had some auditions for work in the UK and a couple of availability checks but so far, nothing has come off so it’s generally a frustrating time.

On 21 June in the US and 28 June in the UK, the film, The Beanie Bubble, was released. I worked on the production in March last year so it was good to see it finished, even if its release was competing with Barbenheimer – the releases of the blockbuster films, Barbie, and, Oppenheimer. The Beanie Bubble only had a limited cinema release but is currently available for all Apple TV+ subscribers.

My recommendation for this blog was a recommendation from a friend in the UK. A gentle, British sitcom, he called it, and I have fallen head over heels. It’s several seaons old now so I’ve been catching up but for those who haven’t seen it yet, check out, Detectorists, on BBC iPlayer – a beautifully, intelligent comedy set in the green, rolling hills of England.