Back in January, I worked on a series for Amazon – customer reviews read by thespians. In April, my video was released on the Amazon channel on YouTube. The first video they had put up back in February, had had two million views so I am hoping for big things. The series is a hilarious set of videos where actors bring to life some of the funniest reviews of Amazon products. My review was for a retractable dog leash!

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In the middle of April, I was on avail for a commercial but sadly was only booked as the COVID-19 back-up. Still, there are worse ways to earn money than to sit on your bum for a few hours in case they need to call you in. 

At the beginning of May, the writers of the Writers Guild of America, went on strike over the emergence of the mini writers’ room and how AI might affect script writing in the future. As it looked as if this was going to drag on (the last strike in 2007-2008 lasted 100 days), I decided to head back to the UK for work opportunites.  

My recommendation for this month is the British film, Polite Society. It’s great fun, covering a variety of film genres: martial arts, comedy, Bollywood and girl power – original to say the least!