For the Fourth of July weekend, I managed to get away to Palm Springs for a few days and it was great to swim and relax by the pool. I’ve had very little downtime throughout lockdown so it was wonderful to really switch off.

Los Angeles has had to reverse some of its reopening as the COVID 19 figures have kept rising but I was still busy throughout July with plenty of auditions and callbacks for large and small projects.

I’m interested to know how a COVID 19 set would work but the more they study the virus, the less they appear to know about it. I’ve been thinking that I’m healthy enough so I’d probably be OK if I tested positive but even if you’re lucky enough to recover from COVID 19, you may still suffer long-term effects including persistent shortness of breath, heart problems, headaches, confusion, muscle pain, fatigue, loss of taste and smell and even possible hearing loss.  For the first time, I had a nightmare that I had been diagnosed with COVID 19. I had just done a self-tape for a comedy, feature film which is shooting in Atlanta and I think, subconsciously, I was starting to feel that maybe it isn’t the best time to get on a plane to fly to another location, stay somewhere different and work closely with other people even on a set following COVID 19 safety protocol. Maybe, for the time being, it is just best to shelter in place and only go out for essential supplies.

So, I have used my time to shoot an infomercial for my sister Paola’s company, Carried By Farino, to promote the Farino Carrier. It’s a unique, new, travel bag that loads from the top so there’s no more finding yourself on your knees at the airport with your suitcase fully open showing the world what you’ve packed to take on holiday! It’s great for taking to and from work and for shopping too and it glides effortlessly by your side so no more back pain from dragging a suitcase behind you or carrying heavy bags on your shoulders.  Go and check it out at 

Throughout lockdown there have been few, decent films available but I have enjoyed watching the Belgian, television drama, The Twelve, on Netflix – an interesting look at human nature. Do the jury members have more in common with the defendant than they realise?