I’m in need of a win. Having been put on my sixth “avail” for a project and then released, and having had 3 auditions for a thriller, feature film trilogy and not heard anything, I’m started to wonder when I’m going to get a break this year.

At the beginning of May, I was put on hold for a feature film shooting in Europe so I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the UK for a planned holiday at the end of May or if, once I was back in London, whether I was going to have to fly off to shoot in Italy or Romania but as it was, I was released from the film on 15 May and flew back to the UK on 16 May. It wasn’t too much of a disappointment, as I needed a break and also had arranged to record a new, voice over, demo reel whilst I was in London so I didn’t have to rearrange that and the sessions went very well.  I’m waiting to receive the final edit and hoping that it will lead to my getting a decent voice over agent in LA and I can earn some bread and butter money making mundane recordings for things like, voicemail prompts on a telephone directory!

It was wonderful to catch up with friends and family in the UK and celebrate my nephew and mother’s birthdays before coming back to LA to shoot the proof of concept for a children’s, sci fi, adventure, feature film. It was a great cast and crew so hopefully, that will lead to the feature length version being funded to shoot later in the year.

One positive, is that I have the next 6 episodes of, Age of the Living Dead, to learn and once we’ve shot them, finally, I believe, all 12 episodes from seasons 1 and 2, will be released in the UK and the US. My President Margaret Robertson, will take on the vampires and show them who’s boss!

My viewing recommendations this month are Ava DuVernay’s, When They See Us, on Netflix which is painful to watch but at least has a positive conclusion unlike many, many other wrongful convictions which have resulted from coerced confessions. And on a more light-hearted note, I recommend the buddy/romcom feature, Plus One, which is a grounded and hugely entertaining examination of friendship, love and marriage. The film will be released in cinemas on 14 June 2019 in the US.