We started July with two, major earthquakes 150 miles north of Los Angeles but we felt them in LA and it was a wake-up call. I’ve finally put an earthquake kit together and read up on what to do should a big one hit the City.  It was a sobering experience and certainly puts life into perspective.  When Mother Nature decides to call the shots, we really don’t have a chance.

The rest of July and August were spent writing my book, the survival guide I am writing to help people navigate the business here in Hollywood, and preparing for and shooting the second season of, Age of the Living Dead.  It was a joy to revive the role of, President Margaret Robertson, and go back into battle with the vampires.

We shot at several locations and went from shooting at the American Red Cross offices in San Diego, to a mansion in Malibu, to several studio lots in LA then ended up in the desert which made life interesting, especially when two of our tents were taken by a huge gust of wind and blown across the highway.  The good news is that the first season of the show has finally been released on Amazon Prime in the UK and the US and we’re hoping for a rousing response.

The bad news is that the mosquitos are back and I am currently donning 20 or more huge, red blotches on my feet, legs and arms and the new, bug spray I bought doesn’t seem to be working.  There’s nothing worse than trying to go to sleep knowing that there is a mosquito buzzing around in the room but you just can’t find it to swat it.

My film recommendation this month is, Blinded By The Light.  I always love films that have a bit of everything: comedy, drama, politics, music, that make me laugh, cry and sing along!  If you love Bruce Springsteen, you will delight in this true story and if you don’t know too much about Springsteen or his music, you will be a fan by the time you leave the cinema.  It also features one of my old colleagues from my drama school days, Kulvinder Ghir.