Some people in America knew all about The Great American Eclipse and some people knew nothing at all. I was in the first bracket and drove 888 miles to Albany, Oregon to see my first, total, solar eclipse and it was worth every minute of the 30 hours of driving it took to get there and back. No photograph I have seen of the eclipse captured what I saw and when people bang on about how ethereal and other worldly it is, they are not wrong. Unless you’ve seen one, you really can’t explain why the experience is so unique. I took one photo at the end, just after totality and the photo above isn’t representative of what I saw but I like the way my camera captured the light so I have posted it here.

I made the eclipse run after I had worked for two weeks on Cedar Film’s feature, Court of Appeals, the story of which was inspired by true events and is the tale of a cop, Officer Terry Wilson, who is accused of murder and when all seems lost, decides to take matters into his own hands. The movie was being edited as we filmed with the aim of there being a good enough rough cut to submit to the Sundance Film Festival by their deadline of 18 September 2017. To help us build its social media profile, please visit the Facebook page to Like and Share Court of Appeals

Going forward, we are coming now into episodic season so I hope to book a few more TV roles in the final third of the year.  Watch this space.