In September, I completed a Q&A for the advice column in the UK’s leading theatre newspaper – The Stage – and shared some of my experiences to help guide students and graduates.

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I continued to promote my book, Surviving Hollywood, and now have copies in various drama schools and acting studios in the UK and the US:

          Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
          Drama School London
          Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts
          Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre
          Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
          USC School of Dramatic Arts
          Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
          Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio

On the acting front, I was allowed a sneak preview of the trailer for Season 2 of Age of the Living Dead where my character President Margaret Robertson continues the battle for human survival against the vampires. It looks great and I believe the release for Season 2 will be in November so I’m really excited about watching the whole series.

Other than that, I’ve been keeping myself busy trying out new recipes. This week I am going to attempt chicken with plums. Trader Joe’s told me that plums are now out of season but I did manage to pick some up in Ralphs. I rarely stick to a recipe – I always leave things out or replace items if I don’t fancy an ingredient which makes it even more interesting as my choices could backfire! So far, I’ve done quite well and created some tasty dishes.

My recommendation for the month is the documentary – David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet – which I watched with trepidation, fearing that we may have already done irreversible damage to our world but thankfully, it offered hope that it’s not too late to save Earth if we can just learn to be a part of nature rather than abuse its natural balance.  

Also, for anyone eligible to vote in the US, I recommend the 3 part, mini series on voting: The Right To Vote, Can You Buy An Election? and Whose Vote Counts? which is available on Netflix.