In September, UK Equity and Spotlight visited their members here in LA and threw us a lovely party in the Hollywood Hills. The television and film markets are merging internationally with the likes of Netflix working towards providing the same content on its platform wherever you live in the world so it makes sense for UK Equity and Spotlight to build relationships here. The party was great fun with UK Equity’s President, Malcolm Sinclair, as the guest of honour.

This month they started to cast the 4, new, Avatar films and I’ve read that James Cameron plans to work on all 4 films at the same time which sounds like a daunting prospect! It reminded me, however, that I worked on Jordu Schell’s horror short, Remote Viewing, back in January. Jordu Schell was the lead character designer on Avatar and created the Na’vi so I hope they’ve asked him back to design some more fascinating creatures for us.

September also brought the first round of Christmas commercial auditions. I had to dust of my song books and select some Christmas songs to sing which resulted in a callback and I’m waiting to hear if I booked. I also shot an interactive video for Viceroy which will help them hire future managers and top level staff. I played the Secretary of Homeland Security so set the candidates some hard tasks to complete to test their skills. I also booked another attorney role in the film, The Opiate Diaries, which shoots mid October.

Finally, we have heard that the vampire show I shot last year, Age of the Living Dead, has been sold but we have to wait for the show to be officially announced, then we will get down to shooting Season 2. I am very much looking forward to revisiting my role of President Margaret Robertson, the leader of the last remaining humans in the United States.