Since the beginning of March, IATSE, the union for behind the scenes entertainment workers, has been negotiating a new deal. With the potential of another strike on the horizon, studios have been holding back on shooting so May and June have continued to be quiet.

With few television shows being made, the majority of projects to submit for have been vertical short form series. I worked six days for an audio app and still don’t quite understand how what we shot fits the platform. We filmed the first four episodes of a series that appears to have hundreds of audio episodes. Maybe the visual episodes are to hook in the listeners…. It was a good production with a great cast so, who knows, we might get millions of views on TikTok and all become stars!

I also booked an industrial and had a call from a director I know who needed some ADR for his first feature film, so I helped him out by recording some lines for him to add in post. I also had two callbacks for a super hero movie and am waiting to hear if I’ve booked that – a small role but it would be great to be involved in something big and shiny for once.

I’ve been watching a lot of FYC (for your consideration) TV shows and movies for the Emmy Awards but did make it to the cinema to see, The Bikeriders, starring Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy and Austin Butler. It was a good watch but I would have liked a little more balance in the film – a little less of the cool and extreme and a bit more of the bikers’ day to day lives. At times, some of the acting seemed a little two dimensional and if I hadn’t know the film was based on real people, I’m not sure I would have believe half of it!