There isn’t too much to report for August. I was released from the commercial shooting in Denmark so that was a shame. I’ve had two, decent feature film auditions which I am waiting to hear back from and then a lot of self-tapes for smaller projects: commercials, PSAs, promos and voice overs.

To be honest, I am exhausted. I’ve been trying to maintain a firm line between my availability for auditions and the downtime I believe I need in order to keep going and following on from last blog’s rant, I have started to write directly to casting directors to raise awareness so that together, alongside agents, we can stop this blur between work and life becoming the norm and from it being considered acceptable for us all to be available 24/7.

We Transfer doesn’t help. Sometimes the site sends me a message saying that a transfer link is expiring. This doesn’t happen every time I’ve sent an audition so whenever I do receive such an email, I think that my tape hasn’t been watched and I’ve wasted my time. But, on some occasions, my tape has been downloaded and I’ve been alerted unnecessarily. It causes confusion and needless chasing of agents and casting directors and embarrassment!

I’ve seen a couple of films at the cinema and a few, new releases online but nothing that I would rave about so, this month’s recommendation is going to be a book, which I’m sure someone has probably already bought the rights for to turn into a movie. I haven’t quite finished it yet but feel confident enough to recommend it without knowing how it ends. The title is, Utopia Avenue, by David Mitchell and it tells the story of a fictional rock, folk, psychedelic band in the 1960s with plenty of references to real bands, singers and songwriters from that era: The Beatles, The Stones, Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen etc.  The intertwining of fact with fiction is fascinating stuff!