September and October were busy. In September, I flew to New York to take some meetings and finally decide if I might make a move to the East Coast. My trip was cut short as I was offered a Lifetime movie and had to return to LA early but while I was there, I fitted in a lot. I saw SIX and Hadestown on Broadway, visited 54 Below to see a Bernstein review, spent some time in Queens and Brooklyn to get a feel for the neighbourhoods and viewed the Focus Center Stage exhibition at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. The exhibition was celebrating 50 years of putting theatre productions on tape and how this archive has affected theatre history. It’s amazing to think that (with the right credentials) it’s possible to go to the Library and watch any Broadway show from the past 50 years.

I returned with one day to prepare for filming only to find out at 10pm the night before my first shoot date, that production had been emailing me for two weeks using an incorrect email address. This resulted in my having to chase production for a call sheet and then my finding out that there was a revised version of the script leaving me learning new dialogue the morning of my first day on set. When I asked why no-one had noticed that I hadn’t replied to any of the emails production had sent me (which included the schedule, new draft of the script, contracts and payroll paperwork), I was told that no-one replies to emails these days so they didn’t think there was a problem. What a world we live in. And I’m left taking one for the team and unable to give a performance I am proud of. I despair.

Once I’d finished the shoot, I had a little time to catch my breath and weighed up the pros and cons for moving to New York. After a lot of research, I have decided to remain in Los Angeles for the foreseeable future and build on the contacts I have made here over the past 11 years. I hope there will, at some point, be a time when I do get to work in New York but I’m staying put for now.

With the little bit of downtime I had after the shoot, I finished watching the comedy/drama series, Bad Sisters, on Apple TV+ which I thoroughly enjoyed. Being one of five daughters myself, it was fascinating to watch the sisters interact. Great script and performances – I thoroughly recommend giving this a watch.