In 2011, Julia Farino came to Hollywood to see if she could make it in the industry. Today she plays the president of the United States in the TV series, Age of the Living Dead, on Amazon Prime.

Acting is a tough profession. Making it in Hollywood is even tougher. British actress Julia Farino has survived in LA longer than most and here she shares her experiences and offers practical tips and advice to help avoid the pitfalls and stay the course. The industry can be unforgiving, but it can also offer amazing opportunities. Honest and informative, knowing how the heart of TV and film production works, will improve your approach to your career and increase your chances of success! This concise book of 50 tips is an invaluable read for any actor.

A terrific mix of hard fact and personal experience which makes it really accessible.
Ged Simmons, actor/writer

This book has a wealth of information for actors new and old. Julia has a very practical approach as to how to improve your chances. This book is a must for anyone trying to make it in acting!
Robin Nassif, head of youth division, Media Artists Group

Advice and tips on how to survive Hollywood can only come from first hand experience.
Richard Burke, @IndustryHollywood

The book covers the following topics:

1. Day-to-day survival as an actor
2. Marketing materials and how to stand out
3. Training and auditioning
4. Agents and managers
5. The business part of show business
6. Stand up for your rights
7. How to stay sane
8. Living in Los Angeles

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