I continued to audition for various projects in August but most don’t appear to be confirming casts as they are either shooting a long way ahead or finding themselves having to put everything back on hold.

I also continued to promote my book, Surviving Hollywood – How To Ensure The Acting Industry Doesn’t Chew You Up And Spit You Out – and was very pleased that Spotlight, the UK’s leading casting platform, added my book to their list of recommended reads alongside books by Judi Dench, Michael Caine, Bryan Cranston and Tina Fey.  Click here

Spotlight also invited me to write an article for their advice column – Practical Tips for Making a Move to Hollywood – which went up on their website at the end of August.  Click here

When you get to my age, Christmas is just around the corner so if you want to get ahead with your holiday season gift list, Season 1 of Age of the Living Dead has just been released on DVD in the UK so get your orders in now.  Click here  I’ve enjoyed playing President Margaret Robertson in Seasons 1 & 2 and we are just finishing up in post production on Season 2 so this should be available to watch very soon on Amazon Prime.

My film recommendation for this month is the documentary, ALL IN: The Fight For Democracy, which is a sober look at voter suppression in the United States.

And my guilty secret is the TV series, Cobra Kai.  I auditioned for a role in the first episode of season 1 back in 2017 so thought I’d give it a watch now it’s available on Netflix.  The show reignites the rivalry of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid film franchise.  It’s a little cheesy but the script and characters are well written incorporating both teenage and adult angst and contention!