This is my first blog installment. I’ve already made a couple of posts about two incredible films but now I have to get down to the nitty gritty of properly blogging.

I feel that it maybe difficult to find things to blog about as most of the projects I work on, I’m not allowed to talk about and I can’t see the point in saying that I’ve booked a feature film or commercial, if I can’t go into any detail. So then, let’s look back on the past month instead.

On 10th June, I appeared on LIFETIME in my first TV movie, The Wrong Neighbor, which featured Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs), Steve Richard Harris (Sex and the City), Andrea Bogart (General Hospital) and Cristine Prosperi (Degrassi: The Next Generation). I play therapist, Dr Fischer, and someone asked me after the private screening we had on 6th June, if I was a therapist in real life.  Er, no… it’s called acting!  And I didn’t see them asking the same question to the actress that played the knife-wielding, stalker neighbour in the film….

At the end of last year, I shot an extremely funny short about people who are addicted to the film, Carol; the one with Cate Blanchett set in New York in the repressed 1950s. The lesbian love affair in the film has hit a nerve with many gay women leading to obsessions arising with the film and its characters. The writer/director, Allison Tate, is a self-confessed Carol addict and wrote this short film about a therapy group for people trying to overcome their addiction. Called, Carol Support Group, this film had its premiere on 16th June, at the Frameline Film Festival, the largest and longest running LGBTQ film festival. I have yet to see the short but hear that it went down a storm at the festival.

Other projects that I have been involved in that are awaiting release are: Kiss Kiss (thriller), Solver (mystery/adventure), Remote Viewing (horror) and Clocking the T (romantic comedy) so keep an eye on the blog for updates. I have to get off now to a table read for a courtroom drama which I am shooting in August.