I arrived back in LA on 31 May and had to spend the next 14 days self-isolating so that was half of June gone.

While I was in isolation, the TV and film industry was given the green light to reopen from 12 June so from 15 June, I was straight back into auditioning.  I suppose many projects had just been waiting for the go ahead so I was instantly as busy as I was before COVID 19 – no easing back in gently for me.  I used to do a lot of self-tapes, now nearly everything is a self-tape apart from a Zoom audition I had for a commercial which they have put me “on avail” for.

Most of the projects I have filmed self-tapes for are film projects but this week, I sent off a tape for the episodic, Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner so that would be a great first COVID 19 job.  I’m curious to know how it will all work.  There are strict guidelines so I feel that there will be little risk and I know enough to recognise an unsafe environment so would talk to production if I felt standards weren’t being met.  

Not much else to report and hardly any new films to watch so I don’t have anything in particular to recommend this month.  I’ll just have to confess that my lockdown guilty secret is, Queer Eye.