It’s not easy to keep posting or to write a blog when every project comes with an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) prohibiting me from talking about what I’m working on.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to name the short I was part of a year ago but in March we had a script signing session with the cast and director to fulfil the project’s Kickstarter incentives. Just a hundred and twenty scripts to sign but it was great to catch up with everyone and all of us can’t wait to share more about the film when it’s finished going through its final edit.

I booked a commercial for an internet service and wireless phone provider and shot Downtown in the middle of March and have been booked to shoot a promotional film to entice financiers to invest in a feature film version of a new movie written and directed by an amazing woman from the Philippines who has worked on many film and TV shows back in her homeland including, The Year of Living Dangerously, directed by Peter Weir which stars Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver.

I attended a screening of, You Were Never Really Here, and there were definitely some memorable moments which made me laugh out loud but I couldn’t understand 80% of what Joaquin Phoenix said which ruined it somewhat.  This seems to happen more and more in films these days and I’m not sure why no-one appears to care that we’ve no idea what half the characters are saying….

Other than that, I took a couple of days off over Easter (as is the norm back in Old Blighty) and went out to the Angeles National Forest for a hike. It was still cool enough to avoid the red face and sweat that usually goes hand in hand with a hike in Los Angeles so I thoroughly enjoyed it.