I’ve combined these two months as one blog as I spent most of June and July watching The World Cup! England got all the way to the semi-finals, the first time since 1990, but didn’t make it to the final which we haven’t done since the year I was born! France won with a cracking game against Croatia. As a Manchester United fan, there was some joy in watching our boy, Paul Pogba, playing at his best and scoring in the final for France!

Sadly, I have had to pull out of the short film I was working on as the script wasn’t ready for production but it has freed me up to concentrate on my own writing projects. I met up with writer/director/actor, Aaron Therol, who is interested in casting me in his short film. He saw me in the short film, Icarus, a couple of years ago and really enjoyed my performance. While his short is in pre-production, Aaron has agreed to meet me and talk through some of my ideas for screenplays.

At the beginning of July, I was extremely happy to sign with Littman Talent Group and am looking forward to a long and, hopefully, fruitful relationship with Hayley Littman and her partner, Danita Florance, who operates down in Atlanta as well as LA and New York.

I have booked another commercial after a batch of call backs so that will boost the bank balance and have been contacted about shooting another industrial in August for a company I worked for last year. Repeat work and direct offers are every actress’s dream and take some of the pressure away from constantly auditioning. 

Film tip of the month: Sorry To Bother You. It’s rare to see such an original film and it is American rapper, Boots Riley’s directorial debut so a truly amazing achievement. An alternate reality of present-day Oakland, the hero, Cassius Green, gets a job as a telemarketer where he discovers the freakish, world of corporate America.