Throughout July, I’ve been back in Los Angeles and back on the audition treadmill. The auditions seem to come like buses, 3 or 4 all at once and with the advent of self-tapes, more and more are coming in at the weekend. I don’t know why this is happening and I’m very much hoping that it doesn’t become the norm. I turn down most auditions that come in for the evening or at the weekend. It’s a slippery slope if the industry starts to take further advantage of actors and expects us to be available 24/7. As a result of the pandemic, other industries have realised that their employees are happier with a better work/life balance but not the entertainment world, no! Some people in the industry appear to place no value on the craft of acting with the absurd deadlines given and clearly have no respect for actors in general – their mental health and the necessity for them to have time off.

The result of my efforts so far is that I am on hold for a commercial shooting in Denmark so I’m hoping that comes off as I’ve never been to Copenhagen and the concept for the commercial looks like it would be loads of fun to shoot.

Apart from juggling auditions, the release date was announced for the Apple TV+ series, Foundation, which I was working on earlier in the year. The release date is 24 September and I hope that it will be well received. I’ve already signed up for the Apple TV+ subscription which at $4.99/£4.99 a month, is great value!

The quarter finals, semi finals and finals of football’s Euro 2020 were played in July with England reaching their first final of an international tournament for 55 years! Sadly, England then bottled it against Italy and lost on penalties.

Other than watching the footie, I managed to get to the cinema, albeit masked up, and saw, Stillwater, which I would thoroughly recommend seeking out. “An American oil-rig roughneck travels to Marseille, France, to visit his estranged daughter who is in prison for a murder she claims she didn’t commit.” It’s a mainstream film but has a lot more to offer than most movies of this type.