At the beginning of March, I flew to Atlanta to work on a film for a well known streaming platform. As usual, I can’t write anything about the project but I enjoyed working on the shoot and I hope the movie does well. It’s a great script with a strong cast.

I met up with my agent in Atlanta and we talked about a move to New York so we’re starting to submit on projects in the Big Apple so that I can get a feel for the work there in TV and film. I’d love to look at theatre work and explore the jazz clubs too if I make the move.

After I returned from Atlanta, I was put on hold for a commercial but for the third time this year, was released from a pin. I’m waiting to hear back on a film audition and a self-tape I shot for a recurring role in a new, Amazon episodic.

The last weekend in March was the Oscars. I managed to see nearly all the nominated films apart from a couple of the animated and live action shorts. Sadly, the winners were eclipsed by “the slap” incident which appears to be all anyone is talking about since 27 March!

Coda, received the Oscar for Best Picture and I thoroughly recommend it. It’s a beautiful film with real heart. However, when a film wins: Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Production Design, Best Sound and Best Original Score and is nominated for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Costume Design and Best Make-Up and Hairstyling, as well as having excellent performances throughout, it is an example of what a great film should encompass and I’d have loved the Oscar to have gone to, Dune.