October and November have been busy with a pin on a commercial and a pin on the second season of a CBS show which, as usual, I can’t name.  I also broke my all time audition record of 11 auditions in a week by having 11 auditions in 5 days.  Sadly, after all the running about, I was released from both the commercial and the TV show so it all amounted to nothing. Well, not nothing; casting on the TV show said I was “great” and that they’ll “try me again for other things” so fingers crossed that it all leads to something eventually.

I did work on Season 2 of the web series, Boss Cheer, and the narrative story app, Breaking Out, plus I am shooting a new, sci fi pilot at the end of November so I’ve had stuff to do. It’s just that I’ve not been earning a lot of money doing it.  I’m owed money on a couple of commercials but am waiting for them to air or for my agents to agree payment.

In amongst working on the smaller projects, I popped off to Iceland to celebrate my friend, Neil’s, 40th birthday and had a fantastic few days in the ice and snow and ate and drank excellent food and wine in the evenings followed by dancing into the early hours! The time difference threw me out and it took me a week to recover from the 4 day trip once I got back to LA.  The only downside was that, although I saw something of the Northern Lights, they didn’t put on their finest show for me so that’s still on my bucket list of things to do.  Not that I have a bucket list but if I did….

I’ve been to several, interesting, independent film screenings during October and November but my recommendation this month, for anyone who hasn’t already seen it, is, Dog Day Afternoon. Sidney Lumet refused to call this film a comedy but it is the funniest film I’ve seen in a long while with some extraordinary performances.