June was spent in the UK shooting a new TV series, catching up with family and friends and watching the Euros!

Having quarantined for the last part of May, I then had several days on set in June working with a delightful cast and crew on a show that, as is becoming increasingly common and as I’ve said before, I am not allowed to talk about. Indeed, while we were filming, the cast and crew were sent a letter reminding us not to post anything on social media or talk about our characters. We aren’t even allowed to add our credits to the show’s IMDb page as even though the series is about real events and people, like The Crown, the series will be billed as a fictional drama and possibly, even the surnames of the people being portrayed won’t be listed in the credits.

In between my shoot dates and having not been able to see my friends and some of my family for over a year, I definitely made up for lost time and had rather too many long lunches and afternoon Aperol spritzes but it was great to catch up with everyone and even hug those who had been vaccinated!

I stayed with my Dad while I was in England and so spent most evenings watching Euro 2020 – otherwise knows as the Euros. This is the European football/soccer competition that is held every 4 years between the best teams in Europe but you may be wondering why it isn’t called Euro 2021? Well, the competition was postponed from last year and at the time, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) decided to keep the original name to serve as a reminder of the pandemic. Little did they think the pandemic would still be affecting the tournament a year later. Also, Euro 2020 was set to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the competition so it felt right to keep the name and, as a lot of branded merchandise and publishing materials had already been produced, there was probably a financial aspect to the decision as well.

On 30 June, I flew back to LA via San Francisco. In my old age, these long haul flights are becoming harder to deal with and recover from so I wasn’t very happy when I checked my emails to find an audition for 1 July as I felt so drained from the flight, but I can’t complain about having too many auditions now, can I?

Having watched so much football, I didn’t watch much TV or film in June but my Dad and I did manage to watch all three episodes of Jimmy McGovern’s new prison drama, Time, which is definitely worth a watch so, that’s my recommendation for the month.