December was still busy with auditions. I had a couple of castings for nice feature films which I hope I will hear back from next year, plus a third audition for an ABC episodic that shoots in the new year too. I had the usual voice over and commercial auditions to fit in but nearer the end of December, things eased off a little and I was able to shop, wrap presents and make the obligatory trip to See’s Candies to purchase everyone’s favourite chocolates, in preparation of my annual trip back to the UK for Christmas to see my family and friends.

Regardless of Omicron, I caught up with a lot of friends and thankfully, Christmas wasn’t ruined for my family as it was last year. We all managed to test negative and were able to have a splendid Christmas day together, eating, drinking and playing games! There was even an incident with a crow that got stuck in the chimney in one of the bedrooms at my dad’s house and we had to open up the fireplace and allow the bird to find its way down the chimney and out into the room. We assumed that it would then fly out the window but the poor thing was very disoriented and even though it was only a couple of feet away from the window, it just sat there until my dad managed to throw a sheet over it and help lift it up and out into the night.

It’s always interesting to catch up on the British television shows when I go back to the UK and this Christmas, A Very British Scandal, was rather good but as I was out a lot, there wasn’t too much time spent in front of the TV.

Apart from, A Very British Scandal, I recommend the Japanese film, Drive My Car, which is based on the book of the same title. I love watching films when I know nothing about them and if I’d read the description of this film before I saw it, it wouldn’t have had the same impact so I won’t share the story here. It’s a film about language and communication and asks the question, can we ever really know or understand another person? I think it will do very well in all the foreign language film award categories in award season.