The film I shot in October was released on 2 December on the Lifetime Movie Network in the US. Titled, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Murder, it’s a fun, festive, Christmas thriller so take a look and see if you think my character, Mrs Hobart, might have done the deed.

I was on avail for a Christmas commercial too but then was released. There’s been a lot of that this year. All in all, it’s not been the best of years for work so I’ll be glad to head back to the UK for Christmas to recharge and come back to LA in 2023 ready to fight another day.

In the new year, I’m very much hoping that casting directors go back to auditioning Monday to Friday as they did before the pandemic and that they start giving us a bit more time to turn in self-tapes or prepare for an audition in the room. Everything being so rushed all the time here in LA doesn’t really help anyone. I wish they would trust that an extra day or two would be of benefit to them as well as to the actors. It’s a creative process and a little time for ideas to brew will result in far more engaging auditions.

As for my recommendation of the month, see my previous post. RRR, is the most expensive Indian film ever made and when you see it, you will see why. It’s epic scale is reminiscent of films such as Gone With The Wind and Lawrence of Arabia. The best way to see, RRR, is on the big screen, but if that’s not possible, you will find it on Netflix and I believe you will still be bowled over.