At the beginning of February, I was still in Europe shooting a new TV series.  I’d spent over 30 days in quarantine at various times over December and January and returned to Los Angeles in the middle of February to face a further 10 days of isolation.  It did, at least, give me time to catch up on two months of paperwork that had piled up while I’d been in the UK and Europe.  Then I was straight back on the audition wagon.

Unlike last summer when the auditions were endless but nothing came off, throughout February and March, I booked work on five different projects. One will take me back to the UK, one to Atlanta and the other three, I have been able to work on in Los Angeles.

NDAs are the order of the day in current times so I can’t talk about any of the jobs accept to say they include two feature films and the UK project is a new, TV drama series.

Film Independent’s annual Spirit Awards have been pushed back this year as have most things so I’ve had the time to watch nearly all of the nominated film and TV projects. Voting closes on 9 April 2021 and the awards ceremony is just before the 2021 Oscars at the end of April.

The Spirit Awards includes some beautifully crafted productions and I recommend the documentary – Collective, the comedy feature – Palm Springs, and the drama – Sound of Metal.