So far, the industry has been slow all year because the studios, streaming platforms and television networks are waiting to see if the other unions (crew, drivers, technicians etc) will strike. The biggest union in the industry, IATSE, and several other unions, are currently negotiating new deals so until these agreements are ratified, the industry won’t fire up fully. The current phrase within the business is, “Survive ’til 25!”. I really hope that doesn’t prove to be true.

Fortunately, I have booked some voice-over work to keep me afloat and there are always auditions for smaller projects to keep me busy. The commercial industry appears to have ground to a halt. I usually have two or three commercial auditions a week. I didn’t have any in April at all! First time that’s happened since I’ve been in LA.

As for other work, having pushed for a casting decision on a short film two days before shooting and losing the role in February, in March, I walked away from a feature film because of the script content. Some might say that it’s easy to walk away from a low-budget feature but the content of this film was so disturbing that I would have walked away if I’d been offered $100K to work on the project.

The year has felt very strange so far with a lack of, and missed, opportunities but the tide must eventually turn.

My recommendation for this blog is, again, a television series not a film. Baby Reindeer, on Netflix, is a disturbing and compelling series which takes a deep dive into obsessive behaviour and trauma. We see that dealing with a stalker is not straightforward at all – can the obsession pull both ways?