The month got off to a good start when I was eligible to be vaccinated. I booked my appointment, got the jab and was handed a free slice of pizza afterwards. Only in America!

The rest of the month was just a stress-fest as at the end of March, I’d been offered a role in a new TV mini series shooting in the UK and a role in an Amazon film shooting in Atlanta. With 3 weeks of emails flying backwards and forwards to try and work out a way for me to work on both projects, the end result was that the UK production company couldn’t get me a waiver on the quarantine period required to fly into England and I had to notify the film production team that I wasn’t going to be available for their shoot date.

Everyone I talk to says that I should be thrilled to be in such a position but it was anything but joyous. I couldn’t celebrate booking either job and in not being able to do both, it seems that I have damaged a very good relationship that I had with the casting office in Atlanta that I’d built up over 6 years. The film has such a strong script and the role was excellent but we just couldn’t find a way for me to be able to work on both projects. It was a thoroughly depressing situation and I’m gutted, but I just have to put it behind me and move forward.

I did manage a little break and made it to Palm Springs for a couple of days and then ended the month winning the sweepstake at my friend’s Oscars party as I was the only person that put Anthony Hopkins down to win Best Actor. I was so pleased that the Academy agreed with me but how did they then pick Frances McDormand for Best Actress?  Andra Day was absolutely stunning at Billie Holiday in, The United States Vs Billie Holiday and should have been rewarded for her performance.

So, as it was the month of the Oscars, my favourites to recommend out of the eight, Best Picture nominated films are, Sound of Metal, and, The Father.