April continued in the same vein as the last few months – a lot of auditions, and I was on avail for another commercial but then released.  But then I had two job offers through previous contacts. The writer, Aaron Therol, first saw me in the short film, Icarus. He loved my performance and contacted me back in 2018 to ask me if I was available to work on a short film he had written. Unfortunately, that project was put on hold but during the pandemic, Aaron had time to develop a different, feature length story and luckily, there is a perfect role for me in this project too. I had a chemistry read with the other actors which went well and we are set to shoot at the beginning of June before I head back to the UK.  The other project was a fun promo for video conferencing and video/podcast creation platforms.  It’s amazing how the industry has developed during the pandemic with remote capture, high resolution, uninterrupted internet and crystal clear audio, all now available.

For the first time since the pandemic, this month, I was able to volunteer with Food Forward, the charity that prevents food waste by rescuing surplus produce which they then donate to hunger relief charities. I volunteered to work at their Spring Melt fundraising event. The event was held at The Jim Henson Company Lot so there were lots of Kermit statues overseeing the proceedings and watching as people came and went.

Mid May, I managed to get out of town and chose a hike to the Cooper Canyon Falls in the Angeles National Forest. It would have been wonderful had I not taken the wrong trail and found myself at the top of a mountain, Winston Peak, which added a couple of extra miles to the hike and some hazardous terrain to navigate. But, eventually, I did find the waterfall, saw some wonderful views and even the odd pocket of snow!

I subscribed to Apple TV+ last September so that I could watch their new sci-fi series, Foundation, but I’ve enjoyed several other shows on the platform too. This month’s recommendation would be, Slow Horses, set at MI5, the UK’s counter-intelligence agency. It focuses on a group of outlier agents who, at some point, have all screwed up so badly that they have been demoted and put on desk duty where they can’t get into any more trouble.  Or can they?