I was still in the UK until 23 August, waiting on an availability check for a major TV project shooting in October but there was no follow up so, having been in the UK for three months, I decided it was time to head back to LA.

The writers and actors were still striking so I had a couple of weeks holiday. My sister and friend flew out to join me and we spent a week sunbathing and swimming and treating ourselves to excellent food and wine. While they were here, we’d managed to secure tickets to see Dionne Warwick which was a real treat. It was great to hear Dionne sing all the old hits with maybe not quite the same gusto but with definitely the same twinkle in her eye at 82 years old!

There have been a few auditions for film projects, commercials and voice overs so that’s kept me going and at the end of September, I attended the Film Indepedent Forum meeting filmmakers and attending seminars. All very informative if not a little exhausting to hear how hard most of the writers had had to fight and how long it took for most of the projects to get made.

Thankfully, also at the end of September, the writers finally negotiated a deal with the AMPTP so we’re all hoping that the actors can piggyback off their agreement and get our deal sorted out quickly so we can all put the last few months behind us and get back to work.

With many films having their release dates pushed, I haven’t seen too much lately so my recommendation for this blog is Netflix’s documentary, The Deepest Breath. The last thing I would choose to do is free dive but people do crazy things and compete at crazy levels. The film introduced me to a whole new world with amazing cinematography. Plus it packs an emotional punch too.